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Paper packaging preferred shows new report

A study, conducted in March, of consumer preferences, perceptions, and attitudes towards packaging is now available, and shows paper-based packaging is the first choice.
The European survey of 5,900 consumers (Austria 500, Denmark 350, Finland 350, France 1,000, Germany 1,000, Italy 1,000, Norway 350, Sweden 350 and the UK 1,000) was commissioned by Two Sides and carried out by independent research company Toluna. It reveals the attributes that consumers believe best fit each packaging material, the perceived recycling rates of packaging materials and consumer attitudes toward packaging. “Packaging is receiving more attention than ever in a bid to achieving a circular economy. Consumers are becoming more aware of the packaging choices for the items they buy, which in turn is applying pressure on businesses - the culture of “make, use, dispose” is slowly changing, said Jonathan Tame, MD, Two Sides Europe. “The survey revealed that paper-based packaging is the preferred choice of consumers for its environmental attributes, as well as many practical factors, such as being easier to store.”

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