Thu, Jul

Chili publisher v6 due out

Version 6 of Chili publisher will be released on 15 June.
It is available as a SaaS solution - Chili publisher Online - and includes improvements content control, and tuned PDF output. New is Dynamic Layouts for building flexible Smart Templates using a combination of alternate layouts, object anchoring, and a new property formulas option. It starts with a new way of positioning elements on a canvas. Instead of starting from an origin point and using a transformation matrix (x and y coordinates, scale, and rotation) with absolute values in inches, mm, px, or degrees of rotation, Dynamic Layouts use relative values. These can be relative to canvas size, another element's position/size/rotation, variables, or any data source (PIM, DAM, …). With Dynamic Layouts, users can now create a single template that can accommodate output of any size while the content can reflow in a pre-planned, intelligent way - allowing for outdoor signage, a beach flag, floor sticker, an email header, a webpage header, a LinkedIn graphic, an Instagram post etc. Smart Templates will make sure that the brand guidelines are protected at all times.

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