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Print Research International set-up to help printers adapt

Print Research International set up to help printers adapt

Former St Ives technical director John Charnock has founded Print Research International, a knowledge centre with access to a network of experts and offering business management and consultancy to help businesses adapt to the changing landscape.

"I have spent many years seeking out the best technology and the right people to implement it, and I intend to keep on doing so," said Charnock. "It's about business process change and positioning print to achieve greater value and applies to both print technology manufacturers and printers."?

Print Research International has a global remit and is currently working with companies in Europe and North America. A business review is available in order for Print Research International to assess the best course of action and recommend the right people to add the most value to an organisation. "If we don't add the value and demonstrate the benefit that we promise, then we won't charge," said Charnock.

Print Research International's specialist partners work together in a system of business review which is based on six principles of business:

- Pr-international: Territory and market

- Pr-intelligence: Information management and research

- Pr-integration: Effective production and automation

- Pr-internal: Resources and business continuity, products and services

- Pr-interface: Communication, logistics and administration

- Pr-intuition: Leadership, vision and culture

Contact john.charnock@pr-int.net?


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