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The Print Coach and Ipex join forces

The Print Coach and Ipex join forces

How can printers win more business without slashing prices? What's the best way to improve cashflow? How can print companies grow in a recession? These are just some of the questions 'The Print Coach' Nick Devine will ask a panel of experts from both inside and outside the print industry in a series of audio programmes in the run-up to Ipex and called 'Ask the Print Experts'.

Various panel members will spend around 15 minutes each advising printers. Each programme lasts approximately an hour. The first session - 'How to Grow in a Recession' - is available for download now via www.printersprofitzone.com/ask-the-print-experts. You can access the second episode 'Improve Sales Force Performance' from 1pm 16 March. To do so you will need to pre-register for Ipex 2010 and enter your registration confirmation number on www.printersprofitzone.com to access the remaining programmes at anytime after 1pm on the following dates:?
'Boost Your Cashflow' - 23rd March?
'Grow Your Sales' - 30th March?
'Strategic Marketing for Printers' - 6th April
'Increase Your Profit Margins' - 13th April?

The panel will include the following experts:
- Paul Holohan, chief executive and founder of the print industry mergers and acquisitions specialist Richmond Capital Partners
- Kevin Hogan, author of 19 books including bestseller 'The Psychology of Persuasion: How to Persuade Others to Your Way of Thinking'.
- Robert ?Hankin, corporate investment lawyer and a former senior legal adviser at venture capitalist company 3i.
- Steve Kaplan, marketing consultant and author of The New York Times bestsellers, 'Bag the Elephant!: Getting and Keeping BIG Customers', 'Be the Elephant!: Build a Bigger, Better Business' and 'Sell Your Business for the Max!'
- Jon Goldman, author of 'The Million Dollar Lumpy Mail Marketing System', an authoritative, how-to kit and resource for direct marketing campaigns, and 'The 18 secrets of Niche Marketing'.
- Peter Thompson, business consultant and author of over 100 audio and video programmes, and books on business and personal growth
- David J. Cichelli, senior VP of The Alexander Group.?
- Mark Hodges, finance expert and corporate lawyer
- Alan Pink, founder of tax consultancy Alan Pink Tax


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