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Agfa introduces Apogee v12 and StoreFront 5.6

Agfa has announced Apogee v12 and StoreFront 5.6. It has also said it is evaluating its current Apogee subscription offering with the intention of delivering a model that varies according to the size of a print shop.
With v12 of the Apogee workflow software - available from October - comes new imposition and approval functions, and there’s a new browser-based GUI. According to Agfa, print shops’ knowledge of imposition is declining, which is why Apogee continues to focus on automated solutions. A new Cut ‘n Assemble function allows multiple fold sheets to be placed on one sheet and finished simultaneously. V12 also delivers customised and automated imposition reports, the easy reuse of complex impositions, bottling support and paper stretch compensation. The online Apogee WebApproval portal, which lets print buyers upload files and approve pages, now includes a multi-tenant solution for print buyers. Using the multi-tenant print buyer solution, a printing company can create several different branded setups, each for a specific set of print buyers. Other new functionalities aimed at a better print buyer relation in WebApproval include extended logging, which saves time and money by avoiding discussions or claims; the possibility to quickly compare different versions of files, highlighting version-specific elements; and improved support on handling remarks and errors. Agfa has also developed a new browser-based user interface called WebFlow, which gives customer service representatives (CSRs) control over print production. With the new payment model, Apogee payments would no longer depend on functionality, but on the amount of processed data, which can vary significantly between users as well as timeframes. StoreFront 5.6 offers a new softproof sign-off option for customisable products and variable data printing. Switch 2020 spring release

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