Tue, Jun

Switch 2020 Spring released

Esko software business unit Enfocus has released Switch 2020 Spring.
Product manager Toon Van Rossum said: “This release is for the creators, the makers, and the builders. Two of the biggest feature additions will make Switch flow creation more powerful than ever. Putting more resources into the hands of Switch automation creators leads to more integration flexibility, more custom development possibilities, and more opportunity for the fruition of ideas. Switch is being positioned as the epicentre for the automation revolution. Creators are free to rebel against the out-of-the-box solutions and truly build outside of the box automation.” All available Switch Elements, including apps and configurators, are created using the Switch JavaScript coding environment. With the Switch 2020 Spring release, modern scripting features and a modern JavaScript syntax is now supported when writing Switch scripts. When writing Switch scripts, you now have access to all available node.js packages available on NPM. NPM contains over 800,000 code packages and almost all of them are compatible with Switch Scripts, starting with the Switch 2020 Spring release. One of the most requested features, the Flow Viewer, also gives access to annotations.

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