Tue, Jan

New antimicrobial laminate from Spandex

New from Spandex is ImagePerfect SafeTouch, an antimicrobial laminate that can be used on printed surfaces.
ImagePerfect SafeTouch (IP 2830-111) is an 80 micron clear film, available in gloss and matt finishes, that incorporates the antimicrobial agent zinc pyrithione for protection against the growth of a range of common bacteria, fungi and parasites. The antimicrobial agents are encapsulated in the film layer rather than being applied as a coating to ensure the product's protective properties are preserved even with regular abrasive cleaning, with guaranteed protection for three years. Thanks to its clean-peel, semi-permanent, solvent-based adhesive, ImagePerfect SafeTouch is suitable for direct application to surfaces. The film's high transparency means that the natural aesthetic of the surface can be retained so it can be used for over-lamination of printed surfaces, after 48-hour ink drying time. ImagePerfect SafeTouch has been independently tested by 3A Laboratori (accredited UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025, and certified UNI EN ISO 9001). The product will be available from stock from July 2020.

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