Tue, Jan

Secure IPP Print Server introduced

Solimar Systems has developed the Secure IPP Print Server for digital print environments.
"The launch of Secure IPP Print Server is in direct response to our clients’ requests for help to better secure digital content and documents in variable data and print workflows,” said Mary Ann Rowan, chief experience officer at Solimar Systems. “At present, printing is too often vulnerable to gaps in end-to-end security. This print server can run as an automated, ‘lights out’ service, securing incoming and outgoing print data, providing enterprises and print service providers around the globe with additional confidence in the security of their production processes.” It is commonplace for host systems to transmit data to printers over unencrypted channels using protocols like LPR, IPDS, shared folders and JMF/JDF. Secure IPP printing leverages on-the-fly data encryption to protect print content from network ‘sniffers’ that can expose sensitive information embedded in print data.

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