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Guandong sets out ambitious development plan

Guandong is marking14 years of business with a three-year strategic plan that sees the media company earmarking more than 3.5 million Euro for the development of new products, acquisitions, and joint ventures, as well as the creation of new branches abroad and the purchase of a new production site on the outskirts of Milan.
"One might consider this to be a rather ambitious programme, especially in a historical moment like this, but the feedback we are getting from the market, together with our vision, is leading us to accelerate", said team principal Daniele Faoro. During the Covid-19 lockdown, the company developed six new products, including REvita Tack Puro, the first 100% recyclable walkable film based on nano technology, and a new tools and tapes line. Guandong also presented the new Trust Card at the height of the health emergency. In recent weeks Guandong also formed a joint venture with Italy-based M5 Biadesivi, a specialist in adhesive tapes, double-sided adhesives and plastic materials. The new offering includes customisation services offered via the new G5 Factory brand. Guandong founder and chairman, Edoardo Elmi, said: “Many years have passed since 2007, when we announced the birth of Guandong, an entrepreneurial project immediately based on a clear vision - a large part of our catalogue is produced in China, but we have never kept this a secret, so much so that we even picked a Chinese name. Over time, we have built a relationship of trust with the market, based on transparency, quality and innovation, and this, as a brand, has earned us an excellent reputation. If you intend to work with China, you need to know exactly what you want, and our strength is based on a great technical tradition. Today, after 14 years, the European market recognises us as the ‘specialities' specialist’.” Guandong offers products compatible with 12 different printing technologies and has subsidiaries in the UK and in the Balkans.

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