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Canon updates its ColorWave and PlotWave series

Canon has updated its ColorWave and PlotWave large-format printer series. Comprising three ColorWave models (3600, 3800 and 9000) and five monochrome PlotWave models (3000, 3500, 5000, 5500 and 7500), the series incorporates Smartshield integrated printing security, as well as built-in ClearConnect software and uniFlow technology.
Smartshield provides safe storage, protecting print data from theft or accidental data leakage; authorisation to restrict access to confidential files, and hack prevention, which ensures no one from outside the organisation, can access the printer’s files. Using ClearConnect software, the printers provide a streamlined workflow for any individual print job or complex multi-file document set. By providing active operator warnings and accurate print previews, the software also enables users to make necessary corrections before hitting print, and to submit prints with ease, from any location or device. The Powersync controller also allows any of the ColorWave and PlotWave series to be easily integrated into a network running uniFlow technology for secure printing and accounting. Designed to save time and speed up the design process, Publisher Select, part of the ClearConnect software suite, eliminates misprints and wasted materials with a ‘what you see is what your print’ preview on a desktop computer. The software offers dual printer support for a range of Canon’s large format printers and has the functionality to assign specialised media templates to print jobs or individual files within a multi-file print job. The intention is that the all-in-one ColorWave and PlotWave printers make the automated production of large-format prints easier than ever. With a range of compatible stackers and folders, any printer in the series can be configured to meet specific requirements. Users can upgrade printers without the need to update finishing equipment. There are also compatible scanners - the Scanner Express can be integrated on top of the PlotWave and ColorWave printers, while the Scanner Professional is a stand-alone machine that can be integrated with one or more printers.

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