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Green light for digitally printed traffic signs

Green light for digitally printed traffic signs

Czech-based UV printer manufacturer Grapo Technologies has entered into an agreement with Orafol Europe to offer an application package that uses Grapo's Octopus UV digital printers and specially developed inks to digitally produce reflective traffic signs using Orafol`s microprismatic reflective film systems - the intention being to replace screen printing technology for many sign applications.

Traffic signs are a very specific application with critical specifications and cannot be produced digitally using normal CMYK inks. In partnership with Orafol, Grapo Technologies has modified its Octopus UV printing system to the Oralite UV traffic sign printer, developing special inks to address the seven-colour requirement for traffic signs.?

"For printing on the Orafol`s microprismatic reflective material each colour must have perfect physical specifications to ensure proper reflection. The seven flat colour inks we developed are able to be printed directly from one head on the Oralite UV traffic sign print," said Radim Kralik, CEO of Grapo Technologies. With this new system, traffic sign manufacturers will be able to cost-effectively handle short runs and print signs on demand.

Although Grapo can sell the system under the agreement, Orafol will be the primary coordinator of sales activities.?


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