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StackaWraps launches into consumer gift market

StackaWraps Digital Studios is using its 3D technology on a new range of toys and gift ranges aimed at the B2C market.

The company - which has so far aimed its photorealistic 3D cardboard engineered products at the B2B market - has developed an exclusively B2C application for transforming 2D images into craft kits, 3D posters and interactive wall art.

A deal has been struck with a licence holder for many of the leading UK football clubs, and talks are underway with some of the leading sports brands in the USA.

The new sports range kicks off with a Gunners souvenir poster featuring a replica of the FA cup. This 3D offering measures an 80cm tall, has a canvas effect and a high gloss finish. It will soon go on sale with an RRP of £25.00 plus shipping. The company plans to introduce a range of 3D packs featuring club players shirts in Sprint/Summer 2021.

StackaWraps CO Natasha Leigh said: “We spent two years and more than a 100k perfecting a viable B2C application. Initially, we evolved our system in response to industry demands, but soon realised the scope of our abilities went far beyond character posters. We wanted to offer sustainable and enjoyable 3D interactive kits for children and adults alike. With the demand for online products and ‘offline’ activities increasing over the lockdown we are now experiencing a global surge in interest from our proactive B2C connections.

“The team has created an impressive innovation that spans the sustainability, toy, and craft agenda at just the right moment in time.”

With an international manufacturing network for its B2B 3D cardboard engineered products, StackaWraps is set to rollout its new offerings across the globe to major license holders and toy makers.

Adapted from its POS design, the new hybrid poster/models have modular 3D elements that fit together without compromising high quality photorealism, and fit inside an envelope for low cost, low carbon logistics.

“The business model has been made really simple,” said Ralph Collins, head of consumer opportunities at StackaWraps. “We welcome brands, toy companies, or anybody selling consumer products - either in retail or online - to commission the conversion of 2D artwork into 3D.

“It’s a really exciting time for StackaWraps consumer division, and another string to our bow."  

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