Tue, Jan

Swedish association joins WOO

The World Out of Home Organisation (WOO) has added another national association to its ranks. Swedish Outdoor Impact is the latest to join - OMA in Australia, OAAN in Nigeria, OHMSA in South Africa and Central de Outdoor in Brazil also became members this year.

Mats Rönne, who heads Outdoor Impact, said: “Outdoor Impact is delighted to join The World Out of Home Organisation to share ideas, initiatives and best practice for the global OOH industry in what is obviously a highly challenging period for all parties.

“Through the year we have seen the clear benefit of the global co-operation inspired by WOO and the success of initiatives including the amazing worldwide #OurSecondChance OOH campaign. Now, as a full member, we hope to participate further in both the recovery and further development of OOH media in its role as an effective communication vehicle for advertisers.” 


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