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Neschen works with Color Alliance

Neschen works with Color Alliance

Neschen has added the first self-adhesive inkjet film with the Color Alliance coating to its range with 'printlux PVC matt CA adh'.
The new film has a permanent adhesive and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. To reliably cover varying backgrounds the 80 micon film (without inkjet coating) is coated on the reverse side with a dark (almost black), solvent-free acrylic adhesive. When printed with dye-based and pigmented inks it produces a very good image quality (Neschen recommends the use of pigmented inks for reasons of UV stability). To ensure environmental considerations are also taken into account, the paper stock for the covering is of FSC and PEFC-certified origin.

Neschen plans to change other printing media to CA certification during the year. "The aim of the Color Alliance is to make the workflow on all printing systems as efficient as possible with simple, reliable colour management", said Andr? Kapsa, general manager of the Color Alliance. ?

Due to the standardised CA coating, the necessary colour profiles can be made available independent of the media manufacturer.?

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