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Ghent Workgroup undertakes packaging survey

The Ghent Workgroup is undertaking a survey to determine if it could, and should, get involved in packaging productions best practices and standards.

The group has received feedback that the production of complex packaging pieces might still require additional communication in order for those pieces to be produced correctly. This survey is meant to gauge that need, without trying to sort out any of the details at this time. The answers will help judge how big this problem might be and whether it is something where Ghent Workgroup could help the industry.

One of the main goals of the workgroup is to standardise processes in the printing industry. This started off with standards related to the actual artwork used in the printing process, but it now also creates standards and user manuals to help communicate that information.

Frank Vyncke, cloudflow development manager at Hybrd Software and active member of the GWG packaging subcommittee said: “We noticed an evolution where we see that printing can include more than one printing pass, either because part of the artwork is fixed and part is variable, or because some very special opaque layers that are needed. Before we spend time and effort on this niche market, we need to know if there is value for enough end users in such a standard.”

The survey is intended for all working in the printing industry that handle artwork requiring specific instructions to be printed correctly. The results will be used to evaluate the need for a standard addressing such complex printing, and, if there is a need, to potentially ask more detailed questions so that the standard can cover the real needs of the market.

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