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Imageco becomes first Drytac Health Science partner in the UK

Leeds-based Imageco has been appointed the first Drytac Health Science partner in the UK, supplying and installing Drytac Protac AMP antimicrobial film across a wide-range of sectors, including hospitals.

Scott Buckler, head of sustainable business development at Imageco - which has a long-standing relationship with the NHS - said: "We are amid the biggest global pandemic we have ever lived through, and hygiene must be a priority. Infection prevention has never been so critical. When Drytac introduced us to Protac AMP we intuitively knew it was a must for any building, surface or area that serves the public."

He added: "We want to start with the most obvious places: hospitals. Applications such as doors, handles and signage will be the main aim initially, but we know we can use the film for many other surfaces."

Launched in September last year, Drytac Protac AMP is a 6mil self-adhesive polyester film that incorporates Microban technology at the manufacturing stage, and which becomes part of the material's intrinsic physical structure at a molecular level and will not wash away, even after cleaning.

Drytac's global product manager Shaun Holdom, said: "Imageco's long-standing relationship with the NHS in the UK makes them the perfect fit for Protac AMP. Microban reservoirs in the film disrupt the microbes' cell walls, preventing their growth, and as a result, the film provides protection 24 hours a day for up to 15 years. Additionally, each batch of Protac AMP is tested for antimicrobial performance providing the utmost confidence and peace of mind for any application."

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