Sat, Feb

Guandong app now downloadable

A new app has been introduced by Guandong that allows users to access a large gallery of images and videos of its materials and applications via smartphones and tablets.

The app comes just a few weeks after the presentation of the MM21 Collection, for the first time as a multilingual interactive digital version, and aimed not only at retailers and printers, but also at architects and designers.

The new app allows users to also access sampling services at Guandong, and its G5 Factory service, which allows for the ordering of tailor-made material in terms of customisation, half-sizes, adhesive backings, die-cutting, and assembly. It is also possible to access the company’s financial services, which include instalment-plan payments.

Attention is also given to eco themes such as certifications and technical data sheets relating to the recyclability of Guandong materials. And there’s a  ‘Talk to us’ chatline.

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