Sun, Apr

DigiTuff now available with anti-microbial surface

DigiTuff, the tear-resistant, digital, synthetic sheet from Premier, is now produced with an anti-microbial surface. 

Biomaster is the new additive used within the surface coating in the production of DigiTuff. Biomaster works by binding with the bacteria cell’s wall disrupting cell growth by up to 99.99%. The Biomaster utilises silver ions, a natural antibacterial, that inhibits enzyme production stopping the bacteria cells’ ability to produce energy. It also interrupts the bacteria’s DNA, preventing cell replication.

John Vic, Premier sales director, digital media, said: “Over the last 12 months there has been a significant increase in demand for more hygienic products and solutions. Many of our synthetic suppliers are sequentially looking for ways to improve the user friendliness and cleanliness of their products - DigiTuff is the first and others will follow.”

DigiTuff is optimised for use on both colour and mono digital print processes and the inclusion of Biomaster within the surface coating does not impact the printing properties, and vice versa.

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