Sat, May

Enfocus BoardingPass now commercially available

Enfocus has released BoardingPass, the PDF file checker it made available for public beta testing last year.

BoardingPass allows customer-facing staff to instantly validate PDF files for print. Integrated with an email client, BoardingPass identifies errors that require a file to be resubmitted and automatically drafts an email reply.

“BoardingPass is a game changer for job onboarding, cutting waste time between production flow agents. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and allows to quickly check your file and get back to the customer or pass it forward to prepress,” said Joana Silva, product manager, Enfocus

The software uses drag-and-drop from an email attachment or downloaded PDF. It checks print job files for issues that would make the job unprintable. BoardingPass points out issues with missing fonts, image resolution, and bleed. As a stand-alone PDF viewer, it displays files as they will appear on press/printer. When issues are found, a draft email reply is automatically created so customer service reps can respond quickly. The integration with WeTransfer allows users to drag and drop WeTransfer emails to BoardingPass which will download, open and check the PDF automatically.

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