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Xaar launches high-speed Nitrox inkjet printhead

Xaar has launched the Xaar Nitrox inkjet printhead, for printing speeds of up to 100m/min.

The head comes from ImagineX that sets the roadmap for Xaar’s bulk inkjet printhead developments. It offers firing frequencies of up to 48kHz, enabling the high print speed. Set-up time and installation are also fast according to Xaar, with drop-in printhead alignment and the company’s AcuChp technology allowing for a more automated process.

Xaar’s TF Technology recirculation minimises temperature changes within the printhead, virtually eliminating print density variations and controlling viscosity to provide consistent printing across the swathe throughout each job.

Maintaining a constant flow of fluids directly past the back of the printhead nozzles enables instant priming of the Xaar Nitrox. The high flow rate also prevents sedimentation and nozzle blockages, particularly in heavily pigmented inks, said Xaar.

The Xaar Nitrox handles a broad range of fluids. Its open printhead architecture and TF Technology facilitate printing in multiple orientations. Consequently, the Xaar Nitrox can be used in vertical or horizontal mode, or positioned by a robotic arm with accelerating and decelerating speeds.

High Laydown Technology delivers very high volumes of ink in a single pass and combined with Xaar’s TF Technology allows fluids with higher particle loading and sizes, including those with viscosities of up to 100 centipoise, to be used.

The Nitrox Core is designed for applications using oil-based inks, such as in ceramic tile decoration, while the Nitrox Pro can handle more demanding fluids including soluble salts and frit used for printing glass.

Backwards compatible with the Xaar 1003, there are three variants of the Xaar Nitrox - the Core, Pro and Elite.

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