Sat, May

Durst introduces P5 Tex iSub

Durst has launched the P5 Tex iSub, which can reach speeds of 383m2/hour running at its 3.3m maximum print width.

The printer is commercially available as of now, but it is also continuing field-testing at the Italian ABS Group, which has a long-standing partnership with the Durst Group and has been working with a Rhotex 500 and Rhotex 325 for many years.

The new machine uses Sublifix dye-sub ink developed by Durst, and has integrated in-line fusing for direct printing on polyester fabrics. The Durst P5 Tex iSub also has an integrated finishing unit, which can be used to sew and stitch media. A dualroll option allows two rolls with a width of 1.6m to be printed.

Andrea Riccardi, head of product management at Durst, said the ABS Group management also gives a very positive assessment of the Durst Analytics tool, the data from which is used to network the P5 Tex iSub with the ERP software developed in-house and thus optimise production planning and individual processes.

"The P5 Tex iSub combines efficiency, quality and productivity at the highest level. At Durst, we are convinced that our solution will give a significant boost to the soft signage market," added Christian Harder, VP sales, Durst.

The new printer has been developed to capitalise on the growth in the printed textiles market - from visual communication and decor to textile clothing. Figures from Keypoint Intelligence indicate sales volumes will grow by 60% from 2017 to 2023.

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