Tue, Jun

Matic launches Cronos 4.0 sewing system

Matic has brought out an industrial sewing system incorporating Industry 4.0 technology.

Cronos 4.0 - sold through Atech in the UK - has been developed to improve  workflow efficiency, achieve production traceability, and provide remote access. It is conveyorized and is available in two sizes - 230cm x 80cm and 400cm x 160cm.

Cronos 4.0 has a QR code reader situated in front of the needle. QR codes can be printed directly onto the fabric, stuck on with stickers or scanned from the work sheet. The sewing program (speed, thread and keder tension) will then be automatically selected from the reading of the QR code.

Data and production history are also recorded within the machine and can be exported to Excel and integrated into an ERP, enabling accurate job costing.

Thanks to the new electronically controlled pneumatic tensioner, keder can be sewn with maximum precision. Tensions can be individually adjusted for each side and for different materials to achieve a flat graphic panel ensuring a precise fit.

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