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Enfocus releases Connect You and Connect All 2021

Enfocus has released Connect 2021, which brings Connect You and Connect All up to speed with the latest PitStop Libraries.

PitStop 2020 included Overlay PDF, Check Page Bleed, Add Copied Graphic with variables, Normalize Pantone Names, and Check for Corrupt Images. With PitStop 2021 came Check Bleed on Contour, Impose to Spreads, Consolidate Fonts, and Flatten Type 3 fonts.

New features in the new PitStop Libraries include: Overlay PDF; Check Page Bleed; Add Copied Graphics; Normalize Pantone Names; Check for Corrupt Images; Check Bleed on Contour; Impose Document; Consolidate Fonts; Flatten Type 3 Fonts.

Connect 2021 also provides support for MacOS 11 Big Sur and Apple Silicon via Rosetta.

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