Tue, Nov

Premier UK now on Zaikio Procurement platform

Premier is the first major paper supplier in the UK market on Zaikio Procurement - the cloud-based collaboration platform that brings together printers, software providers, suppliers and end customers. 

PSPs can use Zaikio Procurement - launched in summer 2020 - free of charge to access the offerings of participating suppliers and order online. Antalis, Sappi and Metapaper are already on board across Europe and more are expected to follow. Suppliers of ink are also expected to get on board in the near future.

With MIS or ERP systems also connected to Zaikio Procurement, material demands for ordered products can automatically be synched with Zaikio Procurement, where purchasers can order them directly, or they can order directly through their MIS or ERP.

"We are constantly looking to improve our service and to give our customers the opportunity to search for and order their desired material directly and without fuss. We aim to be a supplier that is easy to deal with and Zaikio Procurement simplifies the ordering process and frees up valuable time and resources for our customers," said David Jones, marketing director at Premier.


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