Thu, Dec

Meteor to drive new Epson printheads

Meteor Inkjet is developing printhead drive electronics and software for the new T3200, T1600 and D3000 printheads from Epson. 

The new T3200 and T1600 are Epson’s first printheads to include built-in heaters printheads, and incorporate a different piezo actuator from Epson’s I3200 printhead, which allows ejection of larger drops at higher frequencies. The new D3000 offers 1200dpi and is Epson’s first printhead to support ink circulation at the nozzle level. Meteor’s driving solutions for these printheads are designed with space and cost efficiency at heart. 

Together with software, Meteor electronics are scalable to systems of any size and offer integration of different printhead types within a single printer. Its DropWatchers and printhead waveform development services will be available for the new printheads, providing tools to accelerate time to market.

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