Tue, Nov

James Gandy dies

Print systems innovator and developer James Gandy has passed away.  

Gandy led a number of technology companies that were well known in the digital print space over the years, including Gandy Digital, Gandinnovations and Signtech inc. He was latterly CEO of Black Fish Enterprises based in the US.

One of the entrepreneur’s daughters, Natalie, said: “My father was indeed a remarkable man, full of innovation, perseverance and strength. He broke the glass ceiling as an Indian immigrant, setting the digital printing industry on the map - he was an inventor and our guiding light. We are so proud to be part of such a legacy. There is much to share from what he taught us in life and the love he gave us. Through his illness, he kept searching for a solution. You could never tell him this was going to be it - that wasn't a solution for him. So our message is never give up, never stop fighting for a solution to any obstacle that might stand in your way.”

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