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EFI MIS tool improved for wide-format

EFI MIS tool improved for wide-format

EFI used the Connect users' conference in Las Vegas to preview enhancements to its EFI Pace management system including iPad and iPhone applications and tools for the wide-format market aimed at increasing productivity and profitability for print providers. EFI Pace, which provides end-to-end print shop and production management for mid-sized commercial and specialty printers, has also now received JDF certification from the official certification body for CIP4 (the International Cooperation for the Integration of the Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress).

"With the forthcoming version 23, Pace builds on the iPhone application that was launched in the previous version and adds support for the iPad tablet to redefine data access, giving sales and management teams real-time access to critical business information when and where they need it," said Jay Farr, general manager of EFI Pace. "The new version also delivers enhancements for the superwide format market, providing increased support for equipment and materials unique to this demanding production environment."

The Pace iPad and iPhone applications enable users to estimate jobs, review the status of jobs, review customer accounts and track shipments, all remotely. It allows for texting, calling and mapping locations of customers and contacts, as well as the ability to use integration within Pace to seamlessly handle communications and updates from the management system from anywhere using the iPad/iPhone toolset and interface.?

The applications are:?

- Customer/job inquiry - gives users the ability to quickly locate customer information and do a job status inquiry. Users can review the job description, see invoices, check on the shipping status, or click a phone number to place a call.?

- Estimating wizard - lets users enter details for an estimate - including multi-part estimates - and returns a plan, costs and pricing.?

- GPS Contact Locator - if a user is on the road and has some extra time, the GPS locator can search a contact list and identify all records located within a specified distance from the user's location.?

- Delivery confirmation - allows a delivery driver to capture the name of as well as a voice note from the person receiving a shipment. This information updates the job record in the Pace management system and sends an email confirmation to the customer. ?

- Visualise Your World - Enables users to attach photos to Pace contacts and cost centres from the iPhone camera or photo library.?

- Work Centre View - users can check the schedule for a cost centre and see what's running.?

- Eye in the Sky - The Pace iPhone app can be linked to a Webcam in an office or production facility, giving the ability to verify activity and security.?

With Pace version 23, customers can quote multiple products on one sheet and quote complex tiling jobs; and based on the product being quoted, the system dynamically creates screens displaying user-specific information. In addition, Pace gives production the ability to quickly review existing jobs in the system and make ganging decisions on the fly. Overall, Pace will calculate costs upfront and measure them in real-time based on how the business runs.

The new version of Pace will be available in June.



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