Tue, Nov

Improved MultiPress to get an airing at Fespa

At Fespa Global 2021 next month Dataline will demonstrate how its MultiPress ERP/MIS system can support the large-format print production process, and highlight new features.

A number of functions have been added to the software - which has been around for over 20 years in Belgium and the Netherlands and is now being rolled out across the rest of Europe - though not yet the UK. Head of marketing Jef Stoffles, said: “We have yet to establish a distribution channel yet in the UK. Unfortunately, Brexit uncertainty had to do with that choice, but the UK is certainly on our roadmap.”

MultiPress calculates costs and times for sign and large format products, including finishing and installation. New developments include automation tool MultiFlow, and MultiPress Connect app to automate MultiPress in the Enfocus Switch platform  There are also new features to expedite shipping, and to improve campaign administration.

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