Tue, Nov

Displaypak starts using Jetrix inks to produce packaging for Nestlé

Displaypak in Hull has started using Jetrix inks in its LXi8 LED UV flatbed printer to produce packaging for Nestlé, the inks having passed strict stipulations regarding safety and sustainability requirements.

Andy Dearman, managing director at Displaypak said: “We have had the Jetrix LXi8 for a while now, but being able to use it more extensively, particularly for food packaging, means that we can stretch the boundaries of what we use it for. This approval means we can use it for a multitude of our FMCG customers.” 

Ben Woodruff, head of UK Jetrix sales at InkTec Europe, added: “As our inks are self-developed by our team based in South Korea, we know exactly what is in them. So, going through the process of providing the critical information and answering the myriad questions involved was made simpler and easier. As a result, we knew they fulfilled the required food packaging criteria but it is even better to know they are being used to produce materials for a well-known brand like Nestlé.” 

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