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parrotprint.com makes a first with EFI Vutek Q5r

UK-based tech start-up parrotprint.com has bought an EFI Vutek digital printer from CMYUK, making it the first tech brand in Europe to install the 5m roll-to-roll UV LED printer launched in January this year.

“The EFI Vutek Q5r enhances our current and future production demands, enabling us to continue to offer our unbeatable, next day delivery promises, whilst retaining market-leading print quality, as we continue to see rapid growth and scale parrotprint.com to new markets,” said marketing director, Dane Hamer.

Launched in March this year, parrotprint.com offers a service whereby customers can print any picture from anywhere in the world and have it delivered the next day. Founder, Matt Dahan developed the code to produce an Automatic Photo Quality Detection algorithm that screens the quality of an image using an algebraic formula to determine a photo’s pixel density, on the fly. The company’s development teams’ imaging software uses AI that checks and auto-corrects the creation and production workflow process to simplify the user experience and guarantee accurate and high-quality prints.

The company evaluated several printers before opting for the Vutek Q5r because, said Hamer: “It has market leading production speeds that no other vetted printer can match, along with meeting our strict requirements for quality and running costs.”

The company has bought production equipment from CMYUK in the past, and Dahan said: “The support received has been second to none throughout the entire process - from the sample prints that we had requested, test prints at various pass rates, and the ink usage files for each test run. The training team were experts in their fields and provided great tutorage and Q & A to our production team. 

The company is now looking to expand its offering into high quality framed gallery prints, posters, wall art and has plans to build an online marketplace expressly for photographers.


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