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Prismaflex UK breaks new ground

PSP Prismaflex UK has broken new ground by gaining the Certifire-TS62 rating for its printed PVC- free Kavalan banners and building wraps.

The accreditation takes into account how inks and printing processes used by Prismaflex UK on Kavalan Sunlight Weldable Frontlit Banner and PVC-free Kavalan Spiderweb 300 Mesh materials work together to produce products reaching fire-safety levels recognised by worldwide regulatory authorities.

Certifire-TS62 is awarded by Warringtonfire, an independent third-party testing, inspection and certification specialist. This Level 5 certification is the latest in a string of ratings achieved by Kavalan that includes stringent environmental standards, print performance, strength, weld and tear tests.

Vincent Lin, VP of Kavalan manufacturer Taya, said: “Kavalan is upholding its reputation as a trailblazer, setting our products apart by acquiring the respected Warringtonfire Certifire certification which will become a mandatory requirement for scaffolding and building wrap projects in the future.”

Prismaflex UK is one of ten subsidiaries of the Prismaflex Group, well known for the design and manufacture of advertising supports and wide-format digital printing solutions. Headquartered in Lyon, the Prismaflex Group has plans to roll out the Certifire-TS62 Kavalan certification across its divisions, many of which use identical digital printing equipment, inks and production methods.

Prismaflex UK MD Steven Swanepoel said: “Recent tragic events have put fire-safety at the top of the agenda for all scaffolding building wraps and supersized banners. Clients are demanding this level of assurance and we are delighted we can offer this level of service.”

Dave Cowen, national sales manager, Prismaflex UK, added: “Kavalan looks, feels, and performs just like traditional PVC but with none of the eco malignance. It delivers safety and was designed with responsible end of life disposal in mind. It really is what clients have been asking for and there’s really no excuse not to use it. It helps brands and corporates deliver on their sustainability targets in the knowledge that the health and safety aspects are right up there as well.

“Printing processes and inks were key when we achieved previous accreditation for our work on London Underground. Once again, the TS62 status given for our particular inks, print processes and specified Kavalan materials sets us apart, making us a trusted certified partner for all printed construction coverings, building wraps and giant banner applications.”

Prismaflex worked with Kavalan supplier CMYUK to achieve the PVC Free TS62 material certification with Warrington Fire.

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