Wed, Jul

EFI introduces Fiery Prep-it

EFI has introduced Fiery Prep-it, a true-shape nesting and cut-preparation software for PSPs using wide- and superwide-format inkjet printers. It connects to any digital front end (DFE), including the EFI Firey proServer and Fiery XF.

According to EFI, the new tool can reduce the time needed to manually nest jobs by up to 90%, and by more than 10% compared with other true-shape nesting offerings. The company reckons it also saves users more than 10% in media usage compared with similar products thanks to its nesting algorithms, and that on media savings alone, the software can pay for itself in as little as two months.           

Fiery Prep-it software can take jobs from different sources and prepare them for print-then-cut production. This can be done manually or semiautomatically with the use of pre-sets and hot folders. Jobs that arrive to production from prepress workflow, web-to-print, or MIS solutions can take advantage of the capability to apply every available Prep-it cut setting in a full hands-off job production mode.

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