Sat, Jun

Canon ProCare programme extended

Canon has extended coverage of its ProCare after-sales service programme for Arizona and Colorado users. The support is now available worldwide.

Since the introduction of Colorado proCare in 2020 in EMEA, more than 95% of our customers’ Colorado’s have connected to our On Remote Service data intelligence system. Similarly, more than 70% of our customers benefit already from a full-service contract and 80% of those have chosen a 60-month proCare contract, minimising their total cost of ownership,” said  Michele Tuscano, European production partner and LFG direct sales director, Canon EMEA.

“We were receiving more and more requests from global partners and global customers for a consistent, easy and compelling worldwide after-sales service concept as that is vital to their business. With Arizona and Colorado proCare, we now offer a global after-sales service programme tailored to the needs of all our customers.”

proCare contracts are available for 36, 48 and 60 months, with the option to extend for 12 or 24 months after the initial contract has ended. Additional support options include premium rapid onsite response and print head replacement.

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