Wed, Jul

Antalis brings out three fibre-based display boards

Antalis has introduced three new fibre-based outdoor display boards to meet increasing demand for plastic-free products.

Libra Weather Board is made from FSC certified fibres and is 100% recyclable. It has a core of water-repellent recycled fibres, laminated either side with a kraft liner for rigidity. It’s being marketed as an option for short-term signage and promotional displays that can be used outdoors for up to eight weeks.

Dispa Outdoor has a smooth, printable, white surface with a paper core for flatness and dimensional stability whilst still lightweight. It too is made from FSC certified paper and is 100% recyclable and is aimed at short-term outdoor display and signage applications.

Katz Outdoor Board is offered as an environmentally-friendly alternative to PE-coated substrates and polypropylene fluted sheets. Comprising a water-resistant spruce wood core laminated with poster paper, it can be used for outdoor advertising of up to 12 weeks. It can be recycled in standard waste paper streams.

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