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2021-22 best ever year for Fujifilm Jet Press sales

Fujifilm’s 2021-22 fiscal year was its best ever for Jet Press sales globally with more than 50 Jet Press installations in the period, 14 of them in Europe.

Unsurprisingly, Jet Press ink sales were also up, in Europe jumping by 140% compared with 2019-20, the last year largely unaffected by the Covid pandemic.

The company’s Revoria Press PC1120 has also proven to be extremely popular, with 20 units installed across the original sales territories.

“The Jet Press and Revoria are complementary technologies in many ways, with four of our European Jet Press customers in Germany, Italy and Portugal also investing in the PC1120 for the special colours that can be printed (particularly metallics) and the huge range of substrates it can handle. These exceptional recent sales results show how the trend towards digital print is accelerating rapidly across the market,” said Taro Aoki, head of digital press solutions, Fujifilm Europe.  

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