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Taya introduces Kavalan Eco Calculator II

Taya has brought out an upgraded version of its Kavalan Eco Calculator to help businesses to evaluate and understand the eco-reductions offered by the PVC-free banner and textiles media based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data.

Kavalan Eco Calculator II includes additional features to make it even more straightforward to quantify the environmental impact of large-format materials. 

Data relating to waste-to-energy (WtE), the process of incinerating (often landfill-bound) waste in order to generate energy, is now available in Kavalan Eco Calculator II, allowing users to benchmark their usage (which in the case of PVC-free materials is clean energy) against household energy usage - for example, the number of equivalent warm showers, washing machine cycles, or hours of iPhone use. [Note: as of 2020, WtE plants account for almost 50% of Europe’s total plastic waste disposal, and incinerating Kavalan products does not result in the toxic emissions and waste produced by PVC (vinyl) banners.]

The original Kavalan Eco Calculator enabled users to measure greenhouse gas savings equivalents in flights between New York and London. Now, users can choose from 26 cities globally to find out the equivalent CO2e reductions that can be made by using Kavalan products, determining for example the number of seats saved between your chosen airports and the total greenhouse gas reductions for the selected flight.

The eco-reductions data from the Eco Calculator II also breaks down the overall reduction on human health impact, environmental impact, and resource consumption for the user’s chosen Kavalan product and quantity. Kavalan products are measured against 18 key environmental impacts, and the latest iteration of the Eco Calculator can present users with the top five biggest reductions garnered by their chosen Kavalan product.

Rob Karpenko, director of sales, Taya Europe, said: “The Eco Calculator is a miracle tool that makes it so simple to understand how Kavalan products help businesses meet their sustainability goals. Now, Kavalan Eco Calculator II is taking that further, with even more insightful and actionable comparative data that really paints you a picture of your environmental impact, and practically makes the reductions for you. If you are a print business pitching to potential clients with their own environmental objectives, it doesn’t get much more valuable than having that kind of information at your fingertips.”

Kavalan Eco Calculator user Greg Forster, managing director, Embrace Building Wraps, added: “Whether presenting an idea to a client or pitching for new business, the Eco Calculator is a very useful tool for us. Being able to visualise the potential eco-savings of a project using a PVC-free material is only going to become more valuable to businesses as corporate social responsibility targets draw closer and organisations at every stage of the supply chain are under pressure to meet their sustainability goals.”



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