Sat, Aug

WTTB offers nice little promo to boost order books

Online print producer WTTB has launched a summer incentive for customers using its bonus scheme to help stimulate orders in what can be a quiet time of the year.

Through its Rockstar programme WTTB gives customers monthly points based on spend, which entitles them to a range of special benefits, including discounts on future purchases. Now the company is allowing members to buy points, in effect giving them a deal on any items they buy before 1 September.

The scheme will only operate until 11 August, with buyers allowed to purchase them over the period, up to a maximum spend of £5,000. For every 250 points purchased, the user will save 5% on their order, rising to 10% for every 1,000 points and above, making a possible saving of £500.

“Our aim is to give our resellers some support during what is often a slow month,” said Gary Peeling, CEO of WTTB.

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