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3M performance guarantee now supports HP latex printer

3M performance guarantee now supports HP latex printer

A performance guarantee is now available from the commercial graphics division of 3M that covers those using the latest HP Designjet L25500 printer in conjunction with HP latex inks and a range of approved 3M media.

3M digital films and over-laminates have been designed and engineered to work consistently with HP printers. Comprehensive diagnostic testing ensures that 3M materials are free of media-induced particles that can cause misprints and that they adhere firmly to recommended substrates. Extensive testing of printers and inks with 3M graphic films and over-laminates is conducted according to the material combinations used in applications specified by 3M. To qualify for the 3M performance guarantee, therefore, films must be installed according to 3M recommendations.?

The 3M performance guarantee programme now includes ICC profiles for the HP Designjet L25500 print platform in common with all other HP printers that are supported by the same advancement.



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