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Z?nd G3 helps Stylo maximise productivity

Z?nd G3 helps Stylo maximise productivity

A Z?nd G3 cutter/router is helping Stylo maximise production after installing it alongside an existing Z?nd XL flatbed cutter.

"We looked at other cutting beds but decided our experience with the XL had been good and whilst there were other cutting beds in the market, the package offered by Z?nd UK included not only the cutter, but levels of service both in terms of sales and future maintenance that were very good and this helped make our decision very easy in the end," said operations director Simon Wheeler.

With several awards for enterprise and innovation, Stylo is continually searching for dynamic solutions to everyday sign and display needs. The Z?nd G3 automates all cutting and trimming functions. It comes with an optimised workflow and will cut materials up to 50mm thick. At Stylo it is used to cut and route various jobs - from paper posters to 19mm foam PVC. One of the most recent projects involved cutting a 15mm digital ply with an image on to be used as a hoarding.?

MD Simon Olley said: "The router Is a serious part of the cutter and enables us to produce cut outs to shape from 12mm Perspex and the quality is so good, there is no need to do anything further with the edge by way of finishing as it's already finished!"

Stylo specialises in offering a complete service from design through to production and installation of large-format graphics. Olley added: "We are very optimistic about the next 12 months and certainly we have retained a good level of work in the previous 12 months and don't see this changing in the near future. We are mindful that influences outside our control could make the next year even more challenging, and we are always looking at ways to improve our production and make ourselves as efficient as possible, hence investing now in the right equipment to be able to take us through this next stage."


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