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Hollanders rejects trade shows for in-house demos

Hollanders rejects trade shows for in-house demos

Well-known textile printer manufacturer Hollanders Printing Systems will not exhibit at Fespa 2010 having taken the decision to run a permanent exhibition of its products at its demonstration centre in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

"As I said to everyone in the market over the last two to three years, I believe in sharing information, in raising awareness, in building the industry. Together, as an industry, we can move forward to improve on our footprint, our quality, our businesses. It leads to innovation, new products and new opportunities," said sales and marketing manager Roland Biemans. "The end-user has to see the possibilities, the applications. Our aim is to bring that together in the HPS Demo Centre where we will be inviting media manufacturers, designers, PSP's and associations to come work with us on textile applications. It's not just about promoting our company, but expanding a more eco-friendly, more productive industry."

The demonstration centre is now in its last stage of setting up. A selected group will visit the operation prior to Fespa 2010 and Biemans said: "Directly after that show we will start the?real 'exhibition' for everybody. The move makes economic and ecological sense."


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