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DirectSmile aids cross-media capability

DirectSmile aids cross-media capability

DirectSmile Cross Media 4.0 enables the creation of highly targeted e-mailings and personalised URLs (PURLs) without specialist support and without prior knowledge of HTML. According to Christoph Clermont, director of development at DirectSmile: "With Cross Media 4.0, print service providers with VDP experience can easily develop a new, profitable business segment in cross-media marketing services. Agencies will benefit from more efficient processes when implementing database driven online campaigns, while in-house marketing specialists, no matter what the size of the company they work for, will have the chance to create professional cross-media campaigns quickly, professionally and cost-effectively."

Commercially available from August 2010, this new version of Cross Media introduces a tool that makes the creation of database-driven online-campaigns with personalised content easier than ever.?

Clermont, added: "Having previously run an advertising agency myself, I know that while personalised cross-media campaigns have proved to be successful, they have not yet been widely incorporated into most companies' marketing initiatives. The reasons, I believe, are that implementation was too complex and the database-driven web layouts required specific expertise. DirectSmile Cross Media 4.0 has changed this. By simplifying the process, DirectSmile has created a solution that enables users to set up personalised websites as easily as they would create a PowerPoint presentation.??

With DirectSmile Cross Media 4.0 all elements of the PURL or email design (text, images or frames) can be arranged by dragging and dropping them into a template. Without changing the application, the result is immediately shown in a browser preview. The format is said to be compatible with all current browsers so the preview displayed will be exactly as the addressee will see it.?


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