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Ultima Displays achieves ISO14001

Ultima Displays achieves ISO14001

The environmental standard of ISO14001 has been attained by Ultima Displays. ISO 14001 specifies the elements required for an EMS and forces organisations to review the day-to-day business activities which impact upon the environment.

Ultima, which operates a recycling program for all cardboard, MDF and aluminium, has been keen to promote a culture of environmental awareness within the business and the steps taken have been embraced by employees, some of whom have been the drivers for the more tangible initiatives already in place, such as paper and printer cartridge recycling.?

"Our market can be very price-driven and we saw concern for environmental credentials waning as we went through the worst of the recession last year," said Ultima managing director Andrew Burdett. "However, as there has been tentative growth in confidence in the market, our customers are, once again, starting to ask about our green credentials and policies of operation, which are becoming an increasingly important part of the buying decision process. Businesses are becoming more environmentally and socially conscious and often will prefer to buy from companies that are environmentally responsible.

Ultima has also embarked on a programme of operational efficiency, with the goal of achieving the ISO 9001 quality management standard by the end of 2010.?


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