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SCIA sees benefits of HP Scitex LX800

SCIA sees benefits of HP Scitex LX800

French company SCIA is winning new work as a direct result of installing a 3.2m HP Scitex LX800 latex printer which the company bought for its production and environmental benefits. "We found that printers using solvent-based inks create an uncomfortable working environment," said Laetitia Lelandais, partner, SCIA. "Rather than investing in extractor equipment, we decided to purchase the LX800, since not only do the HP latex inks it uses require no ventilation, but the ability to print odourless large-format applications opened an entire new range of business opportunities for SCIA.

"The first project we completed on the LX800 was won as a direct result of our new, extended print capabilities. In addition, we find that being an environmentally conscious supplier is a pre-requisite in an increasing number of bid processes. Certainly this is true of one of our most long-standing customers, Agence Black (part of the Duffort Group).

"We recently printed a 3.2 x 5.9m tarpaulin for a Land Rover and Volvo garage in Les Ulis, owned by the Duffort Group. The garage is in the process of being refurbished and, due to the extensive scaffolding at the front, many of its customers and potential customers have been assuming it is closed. The Duffort Group and Agence Black asked us to produce a large format tarpaulin graphic that would advertise the fact that the garage is open for business as usual. Utilising our new HP LX800 Printer, this job was easy to fulfill and the customer was extremely pleased with the result."?

One of SCIA's main objectives is to expand its interior decorating business and as the HP Scitex LX800 printer enables it to print applications that are odourless and safe to use indoors and in confined spaces, the company is now able to supply interior products on many substrates, like wallpaper, decorative canvasses, carpets and floorings.


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