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Premier and customers plant 3000 trees

Premier Paper - in collaboration with the Woodland Trust - has marked a significant milestone in its commitment to combat climate change by taking 100 customers to plant around 3000 native saplings at the former Frodsham golf course in north Cheshire on 15 November.

Hussein Ismail, sustainable business director at Premier, said: “Carbon Capture isn’t just a logo on print - it's helping people connect with, and give back to, nature through the Woodland Trust. These tree-planting events are always well attended and a time for like-minded people in the industry to get together and enjoy the fresh air.”

The Frodsham site is set to be transformed into native broadleaf woodland, contributing to the growth of The Mersey Forest and the larger Northern Forest. The new woodland will provide habitats for wildlife, offer public recreation spaces, and contribute to long-term carbon storage.

To date, Premier’s environmental initiative has created over 3m/m2 of new native woodland in the UK, which equates to 107,571 tonnes of CO2e to be mitigated.

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