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Easy layer management for InDesign CS5 users

Easy layer management for InDesign CS5 users

As a developer of Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy plug-ins as well as advanced workflow solutions, CtrlPublishing has released its CtrlLayers 1.1 utility for Adobe InDesign CS5.
The company says that CtrlLayers is a plug-in for InDesign users who want an easy solution for extending functionality when working with layers. Art directors and graphic designers can, for example, at an early stage in a project export a layer to a new document allowing copywriters and translators the chance to start their work. At a later stage, they can easily import that layer without worrying about how it will effect the overall layout. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with different languages or personalised versions of a document. ?With the release of CtrlLayers 1.1 CtrlPublishing has also introduced a Scripting API Reference guide for users that want to enhance CtrlLayers with scripts for automation.

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