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Sihl poster papers for HP latex inks

Sihl poster papers for HP latex inks

Sihl has developed wet-strength poster papers that can be used with the HP Designjet latex printer series (L65500, L25500, LX 600 and LX800). The company said its multi-purpose Post-2-Cure Papers (125, 180 and blueback 125) used in conjunction with HP’s latex technology offer weather and water resistant prints compatible with results from solvent inks.

Sihl product manager Stefan Bruch, said: “Solvents can be harmful and UV curing inks also present challenges with occasional paper cracking. It is possible to get good print results with solvent ink compatible media but the printed image is not scratch resistant because it is weak on the surface and often not weather resistant. Sihl’s Trisolve range focuses on solvent ink and UV curing inks to provide photo-realistic image quality which is good, but not water resistant. The Post-2-Cure range, used with the new HP latex film, is flexible and far more environmentally friendly. The new latex technology avoids many of the disadvantages of solvent inks - the odour, their accumulation in inhaled air and the poor drying property of inks where there is a lack of ventilation and additional heating. The high water content substantially reduces the unpleasant odour of latex inks but the resultant prints compare very favourably with those printed with solvent ink systems in terms of picture quality and durability.”

Post-2-Cure papers are optimally suited for both indoor and general outdoor advertising.

Added Bruch: “These wet-strength, bright white poster papers are particularly recommended for the billboard sector. This is a great application for small print studios too. If they use a latex machine they can print water resistant finished products but they can also use water ink compatible media or solvent ink compatible media – this means complete versatility from one printer.”


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