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Metrix ganging software improved

Metrix ganging software improved

LithoTechnics Metrix 2010 is now available. A number of new features have been added to the ganging software which dynamically determines the most efficient, cost-effective job imposition by applying its logic of optimum print practices to a database of your printers, finishing equipment and stocks.

Metrix 2010 user permissions, log-ins and passwords to reassure the end customer that their data is secure. Other new features include:  

- Click dimensions - eliminates much of the tedium of inserting dimensions on layouts and raises productivity. 

- Duplicating file marks - automatic duplication of marks across the width or height of the layout. Streamlines the file mark insertion process. 

- Filtering/sorting mark sets, stocks and customers - to boost productivity and make Metrix more user friendly. 

- Centralised marks folder, enhanced folding marks 

You can see how the system works at: http://www.workflowz.com/movies/Metrix2010/Metrix2010_Dimensions.mov


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