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3D delight from FFEI

3D delight from FFEI

RealVue3D version 3.9 from FFEI provides access to all the latest features and special effects in one package. The software lets designers convert any multi-page PDF document into an interactive 3D visualization that can be rotated and viewed from any angle. The package contains features to depict the creative effects used, from stock selection - textures, gloss, matt, tint - to more sophisticated effects such as embossing, varnishing, foiling and die-cuts.
By using RealVue3D, a designer can create almost instantaneous simulations to streamline their workflow and eliminate the production of contract proofs. For example, several different concepts can be reviewed next to each other on the same screen using RealVue3D's carousel tool. Rather than incurring extra time and cost by printing each design, the concepts can be instantly compared and altered as the client and creator sees fit. Being able to provide a virtual multi-page document to the client also enables the designer to present and communicate their ideas more effectively, giving the customer a better understanding of the look and feel for the finished product.


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