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Kall Kwik helps charities to Think Big

Kall Kwik helps charities to Think Big

Kall Kwik is offering a helping hand to charities and community groups across the country this month by inviting local fundraisers to take part in its 'Think Big' initiative. Those charities that enter the associated competition will be in with a chance of winning free design, print and promotional activity provided by Kall Kwik. The winning entries will be selected by participating centres and provided with a range of complimentary print and design services including the creation of large-scale promotional material to be displayed in a prominent location with the aim of boosting awareness and raising the charity's profile in the local community.
Robert Peacock, owner of Kall Kwik Harrogate which is participating in 'Think Big', said: "The aim of the initiative is to support those worthwhile organisations on our doorstep who need help to raise funds or awareness, but lack the resources and/or know-how to promote themselves as broadly as they would like.

"Whether it's a local school looking to raise money for new sports equipment or a charity group hoping to increase awareness of the work they do to drive further donations, we're looking for fundraisers of all shapes and sizes to come forward and enter our 'Think Big' campaign.

"We have the expertise to design and create eye catching campaigns and the technology to capture the public's attention with bigger and bolder promotional materials - after all, the more prominent the message, the more effective the result!"

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