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Avery Graphics upgrades warranty

Avery Graphics upgrades warranty

There is now a global warranty programme for the Avery Graphics-brand self-adhesive signmaking, digital, and screen printing media.  The Integrated Component System (ICS) Warranty Programme is offered at two levels - ICS Performance Guarantee and ICS Platinum Warranty - and replaces the Avery Supreme Cover warranty previously used in Europe.  The aim is to provide assurance that Avery Graphics products will perform exactly  as they should, from production through conversion and application, and for the entire life of the applied graphic.
The ICS Performance Guarantee is an 'open' warranty, certifying the performance of Avery Graphics films with other qualified components of a self-adhesive sign or graphic, as an integrated 'package'.  Reflecting many years of joint development and testing between Avery Dennison and printer, ink and clearcoat manufacturers, the ICS Performance Guarantee means that customers know exactly what to expect from their finished graphics. Approved combinations of components have already withstood rigorous scientific testing and met stringent durability and physical performance specifications.

For larger and more complex projects, the ICS Platinum Warranty integrates specialist graphics manufacturers and professional graphics installation teams, thus warranting the entire supply chain. This warranty is available on special request and is individually tailored to the needs of major end-user projects.


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